What Devices Make Use Of Plasma In Technology?

What Devices Make Use Of Plasma In Technology?

Plasma is a state of matter which is found everywhere in the universe. It is commonly found in stars and lightning bolts on Earth. With technological advancement, plasma has also made its place in the technology world. It is found in several devices and is useful for various purposes. Below in this article, you can explore the devices in which plasma is commonly found in today’s world.  

Devices In Which Plasma Is Found 

Plasma Televisions:

One of the most common and well-known devices is the television. Plasma televisions were famous in 2000, but with modern technology, they have been replaced with LED and OLEDs. Plasma TV comprises tiny cells filled with a noble gas mixture, including neon and xenon, which work for creating images. The gasses become ionized and create plasma when an electric current is put in. This plasma releases ultraviolet light. As an outcome, it causes phosphors on the screen to create colored light and produce an image. 

Plasma Cutting Machines:

Another device that incorporates plasma in technology is the plasma cutting machine. These machines help in cutting metal.  They do this by sending a stream of ionized gas, or plasma, via a nozzle onto the metal that is supposed to be cut. The whole process of cutting a metal starts with the passing of current through a gas such as nitrogen or oxygen, which creates plasma. It is then pressed and heated to produce a plasma arc. The plasma arc then melts the metal being cut, and a high-pressure gas is used to throw away molten metal, resulting in a clean cut.

Plasma Thrusters:

Plasma thrusters are another device that generates thrust from a quasi-neutral plasma. They are used in spacecraft as a propulsion system. The large jet velocity and small thrust make them most suitable for space applications such as telecommunication satellites, low orbit drag compensation, orbit raising and interplanetary missions.  

Plasma Lamps:

Plasma lamps are found in houses as decorative lighting devices. Plasma-lamps make use of high-frequency electric current, creating a plasma arc that creates a beautiful yet distinct visual effect.  

Final Thoughts

As the technology has evolved, plasma is being used in more devices. It is a versatile state of matter found in many devices mentioned above. With time we will see more integration of plasma in other devices. It is highly beneficial for many industries.

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